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Multifold vs Singlefold Paper Towels. Which one is right for me?

Paper towels are paper towels, right? If only it were that simple. A common question we get a lot from cafes, restaurants, and facilities alike is how to choose which paper towel is right for them. The most common two paper towels pitted against each other time and time again are multifold and singlefold towels.

Whether you need commercial paper towels for your bathroom or your kitchen, singlefold and multifold each have their own benefits.

The Design

The real difference between the two towels is in the name. Singlefold paper towels are exactly what you'd expect, a towel that's folded a single time, as shown below:

Meanwhile, multifold towels are folded in the shape of a "Z" or "N" depending on which angle you're looking at it from. For this reason, some areas refer to them as z-fold or n-fold towels as well. See below:

The Cost

Cost per case depends on whether or not it's virgin paper or recycled, what ply it is, whether it's bleached white or natural kraft, and where it's manufactured, but as a general rule, singlefold towels cost about the same or a miniscule amount more than multifold towels.

The Waste

A problem seen often with commercial towels is the amount that can get wasted. Every business owner, especially those with cafes and restaurants knows the feeling of hearing a patron go into the bathroom and go nuts with a roll towel dispenser, pulling out 5x more than necessary just because they can. Folded paper towels do a great job of preventing this waste, especially when matched with our dispensers, (available in chrome, steel grey, and more)

While patrons can still go ahead and pull more towels out than necessary, the interlocking folds only allow one towel to come out at a time, helping to minimize the waste produced by those reckless hand dryers.

The Conclusion

While singlefold towels definitely have their place, multifold towels are what we give our major seal of approval to. Multifold towels are far more commonly used and for good reason. Singlefold towels may have been the original concept in terms of folded commercial paper towels, but the refined version that is the multifold towel ensures one at a time dispensing, prevents waste, takes up less space due to its narrower design, and is a more aesthetic look overall no matter what business you're in.

At Kevidko, we stock and carry a diverse selection of both high selling, common paper products like multifold and singlefold paper towels as well as specialty paper products including linen-like napkins. Our wide selection of quality products come from both national, domestic manufacturers like Kimberly Clark - Kleenex, Sofidel America, Wausau Paper, Hoffmaster and Georgia Pacific as well as smaller niche manufacturers and value brands to ensure that you have the ultimate selection in quality, price, and value.

Contact us today to learn more about how we can help your business grow. We've helped thousands of businesses in Los Angeles and beyond save both time and money on their paper supplies, foodservice disposables, packaging, janitorial supplies, and cleaning chemicals. Don't miss out!

Orders are delivered next day for free in the greater Los Angeles area and Southern California via our own trucks. Orders outside of our delivery area are shipped via standard parcel service or LTL freight.


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& much more!

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