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Paper Straws - Why they're taking over, and why it's important for you

Chances are that at this point, you've begun to see paper straws served at restaurants in your neighborhood. If you live in Malibu, you won't be seeing anything but paper straws starting June 1st.

What's going on?

On Monday February 26th, Malibu City Council voted to ban all plastic cutlery and straws in an effort to keep its beaches clean and protect the environment, a follow up to the previous banning of plastic bags and foam containers. As a city with over 20 miles of coastline, the effort is a great step in helping improve the beach for both people and wildlife.

Since then, bans and legislation has been growing more and more. According to Fast Company, New York City, Hawaii, and California are all in the process of banning straws. In California alone, Malibu and Manhattan Beach have done so, along with Alameda, Carmel, Oakland, Berkley, San Luis Obispo, and Richmond. Seattle and Edmonds Washington have followed suit. As have Monmouth Beach, New Jersey and Miami & Fort Myers, Florida

Why's it happening?

paper straw benefits los angeles compostable eco friendly

Why does it matter?

Plastic straws, including those made from PLA, a compostable cornstarch byproduct, are damaging to the environment more than arguably any other disposable foodservice product. Plastic straws aren't just bad for our ocean, they're bad for us too. Bisphenol A (BPA) is nearly always found in plastic straws, and is a chemical building block used in making plastics. Many studies show BPA being linked to disrupting hormones, increasing breast and prostate cancer cell growth, and even early onset puberty and obesity. Our oceans, our wildlife, and our people need to move on from this unnecessary item as soon as possible.

What can you do?

That's where KEVIDKO is here to help. We were the first distributor to bring paper straws to the West Coast, and we stock a ton of designs to help your business make a difference, and look great while doing it.

Contact us today and we can get your restaurant, cafe, bar, or business switched over to paper straws today! We ship nationwide!

Please note: We do not sell directly to consumers.

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